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Founded in 1995, Lakeford Software Ltd brings to the Telecom industry a unique range of planning tools, and engineering services dedicated to Microwave Transmission Network design and optimization.

Microwave Planning and GIS Software: 
PEGASUS Microwave Link Design software is a regulator grade planning tool able to handle large networks at country level, enabling operators to efficiently utilizing scarce spectral resources, master inter and intra-network interferences as well as accurately predicting link availability.
Proven in the field during almost two decades, PEGASUS has continuously evolved, by keeping pace with the latest industry standards and regulations, as well as seamlessly adding simulation modules addressing the most recent technologies found on new generations of PDH and SDH microwave links.

Statistical multiplexing used in Ethernet based networks calls for new planning methods.
By leveraging an efficient Adaptive Code Modulation engine that closely mimics the behavior of most DSP’s integrated in the latest generation of microwave links, our new Release 9 sets unmatched standards in term of efficient network planning and deployment of LTE and 3G networks, where dynamic capacity modeling is paramount.

PEGASUS Suite highly modular solution offers to operators significant CAPEX and OPEX savings, and is available in several cost effective configurations addressing a wide range of missions from preliminary planning and GIS analysis at surveyor level, to extensive network modeling at country level.

Due to its historically close collaboration with microwave link manufacturers Lakeford Consultants offers specific discounts to Microwave Equipment Manufacturers – Contact Us

Optimization and training:
Lakeford Consultants’ team of highly experienced specialists offers a broad range of worldwide services:

  • Network audit.

  • Network optimization.

  • Network planning.

  • Training.

Our commitment is to efficiently carry out backhaul architecture optimization, as well as interference analysis and spectrum recovery, leading to OPEX reduction and seamless migration towards 3G and LTE.

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